A Valentine’s Message from Randy – Life Without Parole for Marijuana

Randy Lanier Life WIthout Parole for Marijuana

Randy and Pamela Lanier with children Brandie and Glen

Happy Valentines Day to all!

I always thought of my self as a romantic. On Valentines day In 1976 Pam and I were married. 38 years ago!  I really felt like a romantic that day.

If we reflect back on our past. we will see many different phases, and circumstances in our life that has changed. We all share more in common than we may realize. We all experience the many different human emotions throughout our life. We all will laugh and cry. we all will experience some type of creation and separation. We all will experience some type of desire.

Love is the one desire that we need not search for. It is within us and it is the one thing that never changes. It is the substratum of the universe. It is who we are.

One Love!



3 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Message from Randy – Life Without Parole for Marijuana”

  1. happy valentines day! are they givin ya the pink turkey today, or the white? lol… obviously, been there done that! did you get my letter yet? when i was in prison, i was able to talk to ppl on the comp, do you have that? i dont remember what its called, but i will surely write you there if ud like! hang in there, my friend, we will never stop fighting for you! <3

    1. Hello Barbara, Thank you for the comment and for the support. I have not received your letter.I am not sure what ppl means. No turkey today! We had the regular Friday afternoon meal a fried fish patty and mac and cheese. Looking forward to receiving your letter. Be well. Randy

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