Life Without Parole for Marijuana — Lock Down in Coleman Penitentiary

Randy Lanier, Life Without Parole for Marijuana

Photo: Tim Pearce

Randy Lanier’s Prison Diary – Life Without Parole for Marijuana

On Saturday morning a white guy head butted a black guy in another unit.  Incidents like this have the potential to turn into a race riot. Whenever there is a fight of any kinds, we go on “lock down.”

When we go on lockdowns we are afforded a shower three times a week.  Each time we go to the shower we are hand cuffed behind our back and escorted there with a guard beside us. We have five showers on each tier.  Each shower is a single stall with a steel door that has steel bars and a steel slot where we stick our hand through to get our cuffs undone.  Once we step into the shower stall the steel door gets locked. Once our cuffs are taken off the slot also gets locked. We are allowed five minutes to shower.  Depending on the five guards who are running the shower detail, sometimes we get up to ten minutes.

When I am ready to go back to my cell the process repeats itself in reverse.  Once again my hands are cuffed behind my  back and I am walked back to my cell.

My cell door locks before I stick my hands through the slot in order for the cuffs to be removed. The steel slot is locked.

The cell doors are made of solid steel with a 4 by 14-inch window that looks out into the common area.

On Friday I moved from a two man cell to a single as one came available and I put in a request to move into the empty cell.   As there were several men wanting the cell, I feel blessed to have been allowed to move in.  I now have a quiet space to practice yoga, tai’ chi, meditation, and Qi Gong.

Life is good!

4 thoughts on “Life Without Parole for Marijuana — Lock Down in Coleman Penitentiary”

  1. how much longer do you have to endure being locked up? surely someone with authority can see the injustice of your sentence and release you IMMEDIATELY.

  2. Hey randy reading your blog here…. I was recently locked up for 1.5 lbs of Shake…. With the threat of 5 years… Can’t imagine how you keep it together!!!!! I stand behind you man… You give me hope stay up!!!

  3. Randy is a good man who made bad choices. Randy has defiantly severed his debt to society. If you are perfect in a in perfect world, well God bless you. As a recovering drug addict I have made my share of mistakes in this world. I’ve been going to N.A. for 28 years. I celebrated 12 years of recovery on 2/12/2014 I preserve and strive everyday to do the right thing. I don’t live in the past. Randy loves his kids, his mother, his sister & brothers. We are best friends today. God find some mercy in his case. FREE RANDY LANIER

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