Life Sentence for Marijuana – Words Matter

Randy Lanier, Life Without Parole for MarijuanaRandy Lanier’s Prison Diary

Greeting Friends,

In my last post I said I would tell you how words affected an inmate.  Recently someone I know from Leavenworth arrived here at Coleman. He was  released around 10 years ago and just returned with a fresh 15 year sentence.

Upon arriving he spoke to an inmate about being in a county jail where an inmate was raped. He was picked to be in a line up.  This happened 30 years ago.  He was never charged and the person who did the rape got convicted.  However, the person he told this to told other inmates he had a sex case. Which is not the case.

Anyway, the word spread that the new guy  was a a sex offender. Inmates came to me asking me if I knew my friend had a sex case. I told them I did not believe the rumors and will speak with him. Within minutes word spread that the new man was a sex offender.

A lot of inmates were ready to beat him down and send him to the hospital as a result of hearing this rumor.   Sex offenders have a difficult time in the max penitentiaries. Inmates have ways of finding out what people are charged with and often new inmates are asked to show their paper work which shows their charges.  They also must show their PSI or pre sentence report. This shows the history of crimes an individual has been charged with.

However, paper work can be falsified. My friend had his paper work in his property. The problem is his property would not arrive for another week or two.

The haters did not want to wait they wanted blood. I spoke to a couple of shot callers, and they agreed to wait for the guy’s paper work. Another week went by, and he had not yet received his property.

A group of inmates had decided that on a certain day they would get him. On the very day they were to beat him down he received his property. He showed his PSI and was a able to convince the inmates that he was no sex offender. Had his property not arrived on that day he would of been in a hospital .

Words are powerful if you allow them to affect you.  Since my incarceration I have seen many people hurt due to people allowing words to affect them.

Practicing having  equanimity  will help keep us in harmony with all moments. Practicing not to allow our emotions to run our life is to practice awareness of staying in the moment.

One Love!

Be well my friends,


4 thoughts on “Life Sentence for Marijuana – Words Matter”

  1. Hey randy mark marks here. I remember well how words got me into a pretty nasty scuffle in the chow hall in Leavenworth back in 2005. Seems like yesterday. Gary did me a favor actually because that incident helped me to get my max custody off me so that I eventually got to go to a medium to finish out my sentence. I am doing good Randy. I am back to driving a truck I thought that you were going to call me. Here is my number again in case you lost it 425 591 502 my email address is Mark marks 1960 at

    1. Hi Mark,

      This is Cheri Sicard, admin for Randy’s page. I will pass your words along, but as you know, he does not have direct access to this site or to the internet. However, the address to write to him can always be found on this page:

      Randy Lanier #04961-069
      Coleman Federal Correctional Complex
      PO Box 1033
      Coleman Fla. 33521

      Thank you!

    2. Hi Mark, I passed your words along to Randy. If you don’t not already have an account there, please sign up for on e at to connect with him.

      He says:

      “Hello Mark, I added you to my email list. Please check with Corr Links ( links. You sent me an invalid Phone # Not enough numbers. Glad to hear you are back driving a truck. Take care.

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